Dear phpxmlrpc gurus,

May I ask for you advice? I'm trying to produce a request like this one:

<?xml version="1.0"?>


...from php (the above comes from a perl script). However, I can't 
figure out how to massage my params variable to produce this. Here is 
one of my recent tries...

       $params = array(new XML_RPC_Value("HELP", "string"),
         array(new XML_RPC_VALUE("rpc_key") =>
         new XML_RPC_Value("MYSECRETKEY", "string")));
       $msg = new XML_RPC_Message('help', $params);
       $cli = new XML_RPC_Client('/xmlrpc','');
       $resp = $cli->send($msg);

As you can guess, this fails miserably. Presumably I'm doing something 
very stupid, being a novice on this.

         Many thanks in advance / Jonas

PS. Yes I'm using the upc database and they just adjusted their API to 
require this rpc_key - previously it worked fine being open to the world.

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