I'm new here -- thanks for a great package.

I'm working on MetaWeblog support for PmWiki -- we had Blogger support with 
XMLRPC years ago, the package maintainer disappeared and I'm trying to bring it 

I've got some of it working, but the contents of the page are coming through 
with newlines \n recoded to 

I tried specifying "string", but that didn't help.

Is there a php encoding I should run on the string first, or class method I 
should be using?  In the code below, it's "description" that has the problem.  
The text being sent should be RichText or plain text on the other end: newlines 
need to be preserved.  I'm testing out my XMLRPC on the Ecto console.

Thank you!!!

    return new xmlrpcval(
                          "postid" => new xmlrpcval($page['name']),
                          "title" => new xmlrpcval($title),
                          "userid" => new xmlrpcval($page['author']),
                          "dateCreated" => new xmlrpcval($lastmodified, 
                          "description" => new xmlrpcval("$EditText", "string"),
                          "link" => new xmlrpcval($link),


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