I'm pleased to announce XML-RPC for PHP version 1.0 beta 9. This is
is largely a bugfix release.

It can be downloaded from http://xmlrpc.usefulinc.com/php.html

Comprehensive documentation is available in the distribution, but you
can also browse it at http://xmlrpc.usefulinc.com/doc/

Bugfixes in this release include:

 * Fixed string handling bug where characters between a </string>
   and </value> tag were not ignored.

 * Added in support for PHP's native boolean type.

New features include:

 * new getval() method (experimental only) which has support for
   recreating nested arrays.
 * fledgling unit test suite
 * server.php has support for basic interop test suite

The changelog is available at: http://xmlrpc.usefulinc.com/ChangeLog.txt

Please test this as hard as possible and report bugs to the XML-RPC PHP
mailing list, of which more details are available at
http://xmlrpc.usefulinc.com/list.html, or to <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>.

-- Edd

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