Hi folks.  I'm new to the xmlrpc world and PHP, so sorry if these are very
simple questions.

I'm building a system that will have many many methods hosted in the
server.  I've seen people setting up methods hierarchially, using
"system.foo" "system.blah" "system.foo.blah" naming conventions.  Are
these just that, naming conventions used to group methods together?  Or do
they have a programmatic function?

Second - I need to write a method that will return a lot of data.  How do
I set up the xmlrpcrsp()?  Example:

$ping_sig=array(array($xmlrpcInt,xmlrpcString)) ;

function ping() {
        $retstring = "Okay";
        $xmlresp = xmlrpcval($retval,"int");
        $xmlstring = xmlrpcval($retstring,"string");

        return new xmlrpcresp($xmlresp,$xmlstring);

Is this the correct approach?  Can I return an array?  (This'll probably
use Dan Libby's xmlrpc_encode() and xmlrpc_decode() functions, right?
Anyone got an example?  (I'm going to be returning multiple rows returning
from a database query, so the exact structure of the returning data may be
in flux).

Thanks - hope to hear from folks soon.


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