I'm using 1.0b9 with PHP 4.0.4 on RedHat 7.1 Apache 1.3.19. 

I have successfully gotten a few simple rpc calls working (send in a few 
strings, get a string back, etc.). I am now working on implementing a 
function that will return a struct of 7 arrays.

In the rpc-server, I am using the following to create the reply:

    // use the handy encode method to encode each of these arrays...
    $guid_val = xmlrpc_encode($guid);
    $location_val = xmlrpc_encode($location_id);
    $city_val = xmlrpc_encode($city);
    $state_val = xmlrpc_encode($state);
    $hostname_val = xmlrpc_encode($hostname);
    $uri_val = xmlrpc_encode($uri);
    $version_val = xmlrpc_encode($version);

    // then create a struct from the seven arrays...
    $struct = array ( 'guid' => $guid_val,
                      'location_id' => $location_val,
                      'city' => $city_val,
                      'state' => $state_val,
                      'hostname' => $hostname_val,
                      'uri' => $uri_val,
                      'version' => $version_val);
    // return the struct...
    return new xmlrpcresp ( new xmlrpcval ($struct, 'struct'));

Each time the method is called, I get a fault code = '2' with a fault string 
of "Invalid return payload". 

In addition, the string:

"XML error at line 1, check URL" 

...is printed on standard error.  This string is located on line 567 of 
xmlrpc.inc. This error message is reached only when the call to 'xml_parse' 
returns with FALSE, and when the parser says it is still on line number 1. So 
far, it seems like a problem with the parser (either expat itself or the PHP 
wrapper code around it).

Here is the funny part: I then turn on the debug flag and rerun the test 
client to get a look at the return payload. To the naked eye, the XML reply 
looks perfect. There are no strange error messages, no extra headers, etc. It 
starts with the usual:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

and ends with the usual...


I even checked the size of the XML payload against the HTTP content size 
header (Content-length: 25328), and the values are correct

I have googled on that error message, and it doesn't turn up any exact 

Does anyone have any good ideas on what is causing the XML parse failure to 

Thanks for any help,


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