On Mon, 2001-08-27 at 17:41, Justin R. Miller wrote:
> Thus spake Edd Dumbill ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):
> >  * experimental support for SSL via the curl extensions to PHP.  Needs
> >    PHP 4.0.2 or greater, but not PHP 4.0.6 which has broken SSL support.
> Thanks for putting my changes in.  Let it be known that Garrett Rooney
> ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) laid a lot of the groundwork for the
> HTTPS/cURL stuff.  Incidentally, what is the problem with PHP 4.0.6?  I
> haven't noticed any problem with cURL; in fact, that is the first
> version that worked right for us.  Prior to that, setting custom headers
> (in this case User-Agent) was broken, and we had to rely on a system()
> call to the cURL binary.  At least I think it was 4.0.6.  

Well, this bug report:


Describes the problem.

I have the same issue with my system here (Debian/sid).  This is the
main reason the support is tagged "experimental" -- although I was 95%
sure merging your stuff would work OK for SSL (due to testing it with
curl doing just straight HTTP stuff) I didn't manage to make it work
locally due to the oddness with PHP. There's a test included in the
distro testsuite.php, reports of success or failure would be

-- Edd

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