This is great!  I will look at adding these changes to phpgroupware.
We have our own hacked-in use of curl also, but this one looks more
complete.  FYI, we are now able to accept user or server logins using
XML-RPC.  If there was an acceptable client available it should be able
to use the addressbook and calendar apps so far.  In our devel cvs is
a module called xmlrpc.  This has a test app called interserv.php which
can be used to test client-server or server-server login, etc.  Interop
tests are disabled by default, but should be addable by uncommenting an
include in the server app, /xmlrpc.php.

I have tested the server using the test app and also with a modified
version of the perl Frontier module.  This was hacked to add in the
Authorization header.  In this header, we pass the base64 encoding of
a 32 char sessionid and 32 char key.  These are the same as used for
browser-based login.  Our system.login method will assign these when
the call is made with user/pass parameters.  I would really like to
hear about other standardized methods for authentication.

Our implementation is via modified version of XML-RPC for PHP.  Most of
the modifications have to do with customizing the ability to make calls
to business objects.  This allows for creation of these objects and
execution of class methods.  It also fills the server map prior to
the calls, including introspection, per class.  I also had to modify the
depth to which array input/output is encoded/decoded.

We are still making changes daily, but if you would like to help out
or participate it would be appreciated.


Edd Dumbill wrote:
> I'm pleased to announce XML-RPC for PHP version 1.0 (final). It's taken
> two years to get to the 1.0 point, but here we are, finally.  The major
> change is re-licensing with the BSD open source license, a move from the
> custom license previously used.
> After this release I expect to move the project to SourceForge and find
> another primary maintainer for the code.  More details will follow to
> the mailing list.
> It can be downloaded from
> Comprehensive documentation is available in the distribution, but you
> can also browse it at
> Bugfixes in this release include:
>  * Small fixes and tidying up.
> New features include:
>  * experimental support for SSL via the curl extensions to PHP.  Needs
>    PHP 4.0.2 or greater, but not PHP 4.0.6 which has broken SSL support.
> The changelog is available at:
> Please report bugs to the XML-RPC PHP mailing list, of which more
> details are available at, or to
> -- Edd
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