I have just discovered the critical differentiating factor:

URL's with an ".exe" in their structure fail to open with FOPEN, others 
are OK.

For example, this opens fine:  http://ws.ebyz.com/WS/ampent/ampent.wsdl
and this returns an error:  http://www.eBob42.com/cgi-

Is there a way around this problem?

-- Daniel Sabsay
    Cybernetic Moments

> I have just implemented a webpage that can help you experiment with any 
> online SOAP web service.  One of the features of this application is 
> automatic configuration based on importation of a service's WSDL 
> (manual configuration is also supported).  This page allows you to 
> choose a sample web service from a list of services registered with the 
> XMethods website (http://www.xmethods.net/).
> However, the mechanism has consistent trouble reading the WSDL of some 
> of the services on the XMethods list.  Strangely, I have no trouble 
> viewing these same WSDL documents "manually" when I enter the WSDL link 
> directly into my web browser.   The failure appears to be in the FOPEN 
> command.  Any suggestions?
> I am using PHP 4.0.6 and Apache 1.3.20 on a MacOS 10.1 platform.
> Try out the web page at:   http://home.pacbell.net/sabsay/demo  (take 
> the SOAP tester link)
> -- Daniel Sabsay
>    Cybernetic Moments

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