We are trying to use the PHP implementation of XML-RPC as a client with 
that of a product called Web Crossing who advertises compliance with 
XML-RPC as a server and/or as a client.

Web Crossing is server software that works as Message Boards using its own 
proprietary database in conjunction with a couple of its own scripting 
W(eb)C(rossing)T(emplate)L(anguage) and W(eb)C(rossing 

WCJS has a function, rpc(), that will pass requests for remote functions 
onto other servers in XML-RPC and it works fine when the server is also Web 
Crossing. However, we are trying to use the PHP implementation to act as a 
client making requests to the WC server, using xmlrpc_client(), and we keep 
getting the following error message:

XML-RPC Fault #2: Invalid return payload: enabling debugging to examine 
incoming payload

I assume this is from the PHP side but not exactly sure what it indicates. 
We've made sure to use the proper server host name, path and method name on 
the WC side.

It might be of course, that WC's XML-RPC will only work reliably with its 
other servers but I would think that this goes against the whole purpose of 
XML-RPC in that servers should be able to run processes on and get 
responses from platforms different than itself.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Kevin McCarthy  

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