On Tue, 2001-11-20 at 18:06, Jim Barcelona wrote:
> Dear List,
> Currently at work we're trying to decide between xmlrpc*.inc files and
> the new php4/ext/xmlrpc.
> What do you folks think of the xmlrpc extension in php4? Have you tried
> it out? Is it better to just use an include file than an extension in
> terms of speed and memory use?
> I've been very happy with the .inc files. :-)

I've not used the C extension stuff, but I expect it's of good quality. 
The main advantage of using the .inc ones are that it's easy to
fix/modify the behaviour without running the risk of introducing scarily
deep bugs, and that it should be portable backwards even as far as PHP3.
The .inc ones are definitely handy when you have limited control over
your hosting environment.

But if you don't want to modify the API in any way and backward
compatibility/portability's not an issue, then the C extension version
might be a good idea.  I believe that Dan Libby's been testing it for
some time.

-- Edd

(glad to hear you've been happy with the .inc files :)

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