On Tue, 2001-11-27 at 22:05, Justin R. Miller wrote:
> I'm using the libs in a pretty typical manner, except occasionally a
> character such as  or  makes its way into the XML being sent and I get
> an "improperly formed XML" error from the server-side PHP.  I assume
> that this is because PHP uses the ISO-8859-1 character encoding by
> default.  
> Is this assumption correct?  And how can I make things work?  I think
> there is a part of this that I don't entirely understand. 

the xml parser in the php xml-rpc libs is defaulted to use utf-8. 
sending it iso-8859-1 would confuse it in the case that the encoding
isn't specified in the xml declaration.  no specified encoding in the
xml world implies utf-8.

that said, there's not much testing gone into this. i only guarantee
things will work with ascii (a utf-8 subset, happily :).  the xml-rpc
spec itself isn't so clear on guaranteeing anything beyond ascii.

in other words: Work Needed In This Area. the php xml-rpc stuff was
started with php3, before things like decent unicode handling were part
of the language.

-- Edd

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