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> I'm trying to access an xml-rpc method on a cgi server that's set up 
> exactly like Eric Kidd's "A CGI-Based Perl Server" (XML-RPC HOWTO Section 
> 5) with php's  The xml request doesn't seem to be coming in 
> on STDIN, so the server returns an http_error(400, "Bad Request").
> It seems like the request is being sent to the server $ENV{CONTENT_TYPE} 
> and $ENV{CONTENT_LENGTH} are correct, but I can't find the actual 
> XML request.  Please help.

Well it looks like it could be a couple of other things as well.  A 400
comes about on a bad content-type, but I doubt is not working
in that regard.  It also might be that $count != $length just after the
body fetching on the server side.  My Perl's a little rusty, but it
looks like read() returns the number of bytes read after reading up to
$length bytes, and for some reason that might not be matching.  I don't
see how though, since $length comes from the server-side environment
variable.  I doubt it's a problem with, but maybe... 

Maybe try printing out the XML on the client side instead of sending it
for debug purposes?  

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