After installing the XML-RPC for PHP libs (v1.01) on a server with PHP 
4.0.3pl (not on my system), warnings were given for lines 410 and 413 
of xmlrpc.inc.php

The warnings were saying that runtime calling by reference was 
deprecated, and would be removed from further versions. 

In the php manual for fsockopen 
(http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.fsockopen.php), on the other 
hand, I read "Note that the errno and errstr arguments must be 
passed by reference." 

So, I'm a little confused...

On my own system (PHP 4.0.6), I'm not having any troubles.

Any solutions?

Wouter Demuynck
http://www.demuynck.org/ - Karma Universe
http://nucleus.demuynck.org/ - Nucleus (Weblog Publishing System)

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