Hi all,

> 1. you've verified all server functions with introspect.php
>     i.e as an example of what you are trying to do....
Of course I did. The method actually is working, as long as the payload
stays quite short...
> 2. verified your code appears to be absent of errors
>     I'll bet your array or struct is mal formed....
I'm sure it isn't :-) It's a simple array consisting of about 10 to 15
structs which all have the same amount of mebers.

> You'll need to send the actual php script/code to me for testing
>    i.e. client and server code...
OK, I'll send it to you tomorrow.
Thanks in advance for testing the code.

BTW, I'm subscribed the XML-RPC for PHP list so you needn't send
me the mails personally.

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