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>Is to possible to start an xmlrpc server using php from a php shell script ?

It's certainly possible to run PHP from the command line if you have
php.exe or the cgi version of php installed. But I've never heard of
anyone building a daemon out of PHP that was permanently resident. So
for your notional xmlrpc server, you've got to have something that will
intercept the incoming http request and pass it to php. Of course, this
would normally be done by Apache.

Conceivably, it would be possible to package the xmlrpc request in an
email and then get your email smtp daemon (eg sendmail) to call a PHP
script in response. I've never heard of anyone doing this, but on first
glance it looks eminently do-able.

It would probably help if you could describe exactly what you're trying
to do in terms of the interaction between remote client and local

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