In phpgroupware we support the use of basic auth, after
an initial call to our system.login method.  Afaik, the
certificate method only works with an ssl-enabled server,
but it is certainly a good idea.

Edd Dumbill wrote:

> See
> setCredentials, setCertificate
> On Wed, 2002-02-06 at 15:17, Berkay Mollamustafaoglu wrote:
>>I'm trying to find out how authentication is done with XML-RPC PHP. Does the
>>client pass the username and pwd as parameters? Naturally, this would not be
>>very safe.
>>I've seen support for HTTP Authentication mentioned in a java
>>XmlRpcClient.setBasicAuthentication("myUsername", "myPassword");
>>Is there an equivalent of this in PHP implementaion? if not what is the
>>suggested way of doing this?

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