I have been using a password manager supplied by my ISP that uses the 
.htaccess file for secure access on a online district directory.  The 
directory  contains names/addresses/phone numbers etc. that we don't 
want out to the general public.

The password manager on my local system is  getting slower
and slower the more users it has in its password file.

Imagine my excitement when I was told by one of my users about a thing 
called XML-RPC that was now being used by my organization, and that the 
webmaster for his local chapter  were getting ready to use it to 
authenticate users for their chapter members.

(each member of our organization already has a member id/password for my 
organizations website)

I contacted said webmaster and I found he was using asp and MSII 
interface while I am using linux/php/xml.... And all the help I got
was a link to a webpage on my organizations server that also only talked
about NT related connections.

I have finally successfully been able to receive a expected response 
from my organizations server when I send a userid and password with 

To make a very long story short, now I need some help utilizing the 
returned info.

How can I have my users go to a form, enter userid/pasword get back the
response via phpxmlrpc and then jump to the secured directory on my server?

I hope this opus makes sense.  If you don't know can you please point me 
to a website that my talk about this

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