On Tue, 23 Apr 2002, Julian Bond wrote:
> In article <1019553025.1090.149.camel@pingu>, Edd Dumbill
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> >On Fri, 2002-03-22 at 08:09, Jeff Barr wrote:
> >> Does XML-RPC allow function overloading?
> There's a growing feeling that in web services you should "Use named
> parameters. Ignore parameters you don't recognise. Default out
> parameters that are not passed" just as you would in CGI.
> In XML-RPC this would mean putting all params in a struct, but it would
> also get rid of the need for function overloading (maybe and partly!).

I almost exclusively use hashes when doing XMLRPC calls.  That way I can
add or remove data in the call without needing to fiddle too much with it,
just add another key in the list.

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