The problem is that your PHP installation has the (relatively recent) C
XML-RPC library compiled into it. See

As there appear to be namespace clashes in functions you should choose
to use either the C version or the PHP version, but you can't choose

On Sat, 2002-08-31 at 07:54, jason perkins wrote:
> I've just installed 1.02 version of the and to my server
> and immediated ran into the following error when I attempted to include
> in a script:
> Fatal error: Cannot redeclare xmlrpc_decode() in on line 1017
> I then commented out all of the code in my script to make certain that I hadn't
> inadvertently included it twice, leaving only a single line that included the
> and rec'd the same error.
> I then changed the single line in the script that read include("") to
> include_once("") command and received the same error.
> I then renamed to xmlrpc.php and attempted to load that in a browser
> and received the same error.
> I then downloaded the 1.01 version and uploaded it to my server and received the
> same error (and repeated the other steps above to make /sure/ that it was an
> error in and consistently rec'd the same error but with a different
> line number that the error was occuring at).
> At this point, I'm hesitantly confident that there is an error in and
> am wondering if anyone else has encountered the same or has suggestions/a
> solution. Note: I've also searched the source of and can't find any
> include or require statements that might explain this behaviour. 
> TIA,
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> jason perkins
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