I've been developing a system using the xmlrpc libraries on linux for a
couple of weeks now, and everything is looking good on my code.  However
we've a requirement to run the system under windows, so I've just spent the
last day trying to achieve this - without success.

using the standard testsuite.php in the included 1.02 distribution I see the
following error

<br />
<b>Notice</b>:  Undefined index:  ac in
<b>c:\inetpub\wwwroot\projects\xmlrpc\xmlrpc.inc</b> on line <b>333</b><br
<br />

Which translates to this statement

                $_xh[$parser]['ac'].=str_replace('$', '\$',
                        str_replace('"', '\"', str_replace(chr(92),
                                $xmlrpc_backslash, $data)));

I'm running php Version 4.2.2 installed on a windows 2000 advanced server
system.  Everything else appears to run fine.  The error occurs on the first
call to xmlrpc and is completely reproducable - everything I try gives the
same error even if I cut the system down to a 'bare bones' file.

Obviously the error occurs because $_xh[$parser]['ac'] is unitialized at
this point, so I tried adding code of the form

        if (array_key_exists('ac',$_xh[$parser])) {

around the statement.  This threw up a similar error further up the code

        case "METHODNAME":
      if (array_key_exists('ac',$_xh[$parser])) {               // kjw
                $_xh[$parser]['method']=ereg_replace("^[\n\r\t ]+", "",

which I tried adding a an if test around too.  If I do this I then get

<?xml version="1.0"?>
        <value><string>Unknown method</string></value>
---EVALING---[129 chars]---
new xmlrpcval(array('faultCode' => new xmlrpcval(1, 'int'),'faultString' =>
new xmlrpcval("Unknown method", 'string')), 'struct');

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in
c:\inetpub\wwwroot\projects\xmlrpc\testsuite.php on line 33

using the standard testsuite.php code again.

I see this error seems to have been reported on several occassions further
down this board.  Has anyone managed to solve it?  Looks like a problem with
the xml parser to me - the results suggest the $_xh[$parser]['ac'] value
should be defined at the point where it is called so something is going
wrong with the initialization of this value.

kevin woolley

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