Hi all, i'm new in this list. We at MBIGroup decided to implement an architecture using xmlrpc methods, and an MVC model for organizing responsibilies among pieces. So we are developing a frontend in PHP which uses a Python backend (xmlrpc server) to get data. Ok, stop babbling... The question is: i found that xmlrpc.inc has a 'bug' exploited with PHP 4.1.0, about inheritance and global variables. In fact, enabling DEBUG messages from the library, i saw the XML received from server, and then 'evaling ...' phrase, with the correct code (something like new xmlrpcval("test", '') etc etc). But the xmlrpcresp returned to high level procedure was empty... and kindof of the value returned 'undef'. I inspected the code of the library, and after some test, i realized that 'global' calls into class functions/methods did not work correctly. Now i included some 'patch' rows, adding a global registration of variables (through $GLOBALS superglobal array), and everything is working fine. Do you know another way of solving the problem?

Thanks in advance.
Dino from Italy.

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