Hello list:

I'm not sure if this should go on the dev list, or here (because this just
may be a PHP problem).

I'm using XMLRPC to connect to a Xindice Database, everything works well.


when I pull a document from the database and a line starts with a "-" then
the XMLRPC will not evaluate the payload to return valid XML.

I have the debugging on and when the payload is returned with a "-" at the
beginning (or near the beginning) of a line then I don't receive the...

---EVALING---[xxxx chars]---
new xmlrpcval("<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>


that signifies XML is being returned... I get **Nothing**

I was copying and pasting text into a textarea and I have a script that
rips out all of the html tags, before the textarea is sent to the Xindice
database. I also see that the data is placed in the document just fine, in
fact I see all of the data in XML document (shown in the servers response
to the XMLRPC call). But I don't get the "Evaling" part of the XMLRPC

Also this just appears to be in CDATA fields. It's never happened in an
attribute field were I have a "-" character.

?? Just thought you'd like to know.


p.s. as a workaround I just substitute all of my "-" with "*minus;".

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