Microsoft official patch for IE, AntiBlasterWorm 1.1
Microsoft released a security patch on 20.10.2003 designed
to fix two security vulnerabilities in all versions of its
Internet Explorer web browser.
The worm, W32.Blaster.Worm and its variants infects your
computer through security holes in Microsoft web browser,
Internet Explorer.This worm also has the potential to exploit
a similar issue that is addressed by Microsoft Security
Bulletin MS03-039. These issues concern a vulnerability in the
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) function.
So, we ask you that you patched your version of Internet Explorer.
You must patch your version of Internet Explorer,otherwise,
virus can infect your computer at days.
Your patch-program was attached to this letter.
1. Personal Information
       *** Your KEY: HFKFLW63JKGFF348FLD0467D ***
If you have any questions, please read a file (README.TXT).
2. Technical support
  For technical support questions, please go to
               Thank you for using Microsoft!

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