There is a long-known problem that has to do with chunked encoding and Apache IIRC: 
the web server splits the return message and adds a content-lenght header that does 
not take into account the extra chars involved in the splitting, so when the php 
client gets it it does all its decoding based on a content-lenght shorter than due 
(note: I may be confusing things a little bit).
The issue was investigates AFAIK by Eric Kidd, who had the same problem when talking 
to php-xmlrpc using its own C client library. (see
I cannot rememeber the solution, but it might involve upgarding your web server or 
changing its configuration.
Hope this helps

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        Dear Sirs,
        I have been trying your xmprpc librarry, but I am having a problem. It
        is the same problem as happens on your own page! If you load :
        You will notice the following:
        The last word on the page is:
        when it should obviously be:
        (in other words the last 5 characters are missing).
        What I have done to fix this is to edit the "" file, and
        modify the line that says:
                result .= "\n </methodResponse>";
                result .= "\n </methodResponse>     ";   #i.e. I have added 5
        and now the xml result page is complete.
        However this "patch" does not seem like a good idea, and the problem
        itself seems to indicate that this string chopping could occur in other
        How can I fix this cleanly?
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