I was wondering if you have had any resolution to your problem with

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare xmlrpc_decode() in
/file_path_here/ on line 1380

I believe I have found the problem if you are still seeking a cause. I
guess that you are using PHP >= 4.1. Is this correct?

I am having the same problem, but I believe I have found a cause. It
seems that in PHP >= 4.1, xmlrpc_decode() is a built in PHP function
(see : for more details). I believe this
is what is causing the re-definition problem.

As a kludge fix, I you could just rename the function in the PHP XML-RPC The problem with this, as I am sure you can see, is that if
you upgrade the version of XML-RPC for PHP, your code will break.

The only other solution I can think of, is to use a version of PHP < 4.1
- again, may not be possible depending on your situation.

The only other 'simple' solution I can see is for the PHP XML-RPC
developers to change all of their function names - this may be a good
argument for this to happen if this library differs from the XML-RPC
libraries which are now in the main PHP library.

Hope this sheds some light upon your problem.

Jason Stirk

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