It might have to do with character encoding, but this is just a wild guess.

By default xml-rpc lib expects content to be UTF8 encoded, so iso-8859 chars outside 
of the ascii range might cause trouble.

To find out more you should take a look at the xml chunk received by the server before 
it is decoded by the library.

BTW it looks like you're using the PEAR version of the lib. It might be different from 
the 'original' version, which is the one this mailing list is about.

Hope it helps

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> Inviato: marted́ 17 agosto 2004 11:30
> Oggetto: [phpxmlrpc] weird problem
> I have two servers running php and xmlrpc. They both run the 
> exact same
> version of PHP, and the executable script I 
> created. One has
> no problems running the script and gives the results as expected the
> other one fails miserably. The following error is produced: 
> Call to a member function on a non-object in
> /usr/share/pear/xmlrpc/ on line 1393
> Which is with me the xmlrpc_decode function when it tries to establish
> the value of the object (eg. scalar, array etc..). 
> My question is are there any dependencies which i should be aware of
> (certain locale's - or linux kernel support for a locale for example)
> which makes the same script fail on one server and succeed on 
> the other
> one. 
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> Kim d'Audretsch
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