Que Porra e essa, nao manda em ingles nao cara, a maioria aqui nao sabe 
nem ler portugues direito, quanto mais ingles.

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>Three British educational institutions were commissioned by the
>government to discover why the human penis is shaped the way it is.
>Oxford University allocated a budget of $500.000 for research.
>After 2 years they concluded that the reason the head of the penis
>is wider than the shaft is that it fits better, when "in situ", so to
>This would prevent leakage of semen and increase the probability
>of successful fertilization.
>Cambridge University spent $750.000 on a research program that
>lasted 3 years. The result showed that the penis widened near the tip
>because it maximized the number of nerve endings stimulated during
>sex. This would lead to increased sensivity and a better chance of
>Finaly, the Open University spent $2,50 on a copy of Playboy and
>10 minutes in the staff toilet, only to discover that the penis widens
>at the
>tip in order to prevent your hand from slipping off the hands...
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