Para quem adora as traduções literais, a lista que segue só perde para 
as traduções feitas pelo tradutor automático do Altavista 

- Give a little jump here!
- Each monkey in his branch.
- Wait there, but this is another five hundred!
- The wood is eating!
- He is making the paper of a thin dog.
- Uh! I burned my movie!
- Be carefull to don´t change cat by rabbit.
- Who plant rain, get torment.
- To put the feet by the hands.
- Who don't have dog, hunt with cat.
- I'm with you and I don't open.
- I won the lottery, now will wash my female horse.
- God doesn't give wings to snake.
- Where the cow goes, the ox goes behind.
- You travelled on the mayonaise.
- Go suck nails to see if it turns on screw.
- I have a big problem - I have to peel this pineapple.
- Who advices Friend is!
- He eat the bread which the devil flatted out with the tail.
- Do you think this is the house of mother Joanne?
- It worth more one bird on hand that two birds flying...
- Do you like over table?
- Go catch little coconuts.
- In fight of husband and wife no one put the spoon.
- Football is little box with surprises
- Whore that gave birth!
- There's bads that comes for goods.
- Son of fish, little fish is ...
- You are by out.
- He is a good people for donkey!
- It's the greatest cockroach!
- She broke her face!
- You are very face of wood!
- Don't hot your head.
- Don't talk to him today! He is with the female monkey!
- This is dough!
- If you run the beast catches, if you stay the beast eats!
- They live where the wind make the curve.
- Ops, gave Zebra!
- It's older than walk forward.
- Give with the donkey on water.
- They are trying to cover the sun with the sieve.
- With me nobody can!
- The hope is the last to die.
- Soft water in hard stone so much beat untill to bore.
- Don't fill my bag!
- It alredy was.
- Is always we who pay the duck
- God wrights right for pie lines.
- He lives there where the Judas lost the boots.
- Before afternoon than never.
- Go to dry up ice!
- Go comb monkeys!
- Do you want a good-good?
- Foot on the board!
- I am whore of my face.
- I need to take water out of my knee.
- Skirt already of here!
- Come hot that I am boiling...
- I am more I.
- Do not come that it does not have...
- When you are very excited "release the chicken".
- It seem you're in the moon world today!
- Wrote, didn't read, the stick ate.
- Ah, I´m crazy! Ah, I´m crazy!
- If it gives cake I take my body out!
- She is full of nine o'clock.
- This is the end of the bite!
- That man is hard bread!
- That girl is half-mouth.
- Tea with me. I book your face.
- You stepped on the ball!
- Between, my well.
- Bread, bread, cheese, cheese!
- I am completely bald of knowing it
- The cow went to the swamp.
- I don't have plus bag!
- Go see if I am in the corner. 
- This face is crazy of giving node!
- To kill the snake and show the brick.
- Oh, my God of the sky!
- At this highness of the championship...
- Can you please break my branch?
- Nobody is thank you.
- the house fell down.
- go hunt frog with sling!

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