Para aqueles que gostam de aprontar no Primeiro de Abril, seguem abaixo 
muitas sugestões. Preferi não traduzir. 

Here are some of the almost 70 replies I received for April Fools.
No addresses have been used, to protect the guilty. I intentionally
post these on short notice to keep you from trying them and getting
in trouble. I am not liable if you get caught doing any of these!
Remember, April 1st is for amateurs - We pros have the other 364 days!

                       APRIL FOOLS SUGGESTIONS 

Jim Teeter offers some classics: 

  1. Shaving cream on the earpiece (less messy than vaseline)
  2. Tape down the receiver buttons, then call your subject when they
     sit down (works even better in combination with 1.)
  3. Leave phone message to call back Myra Mains with number of local
  4. Leave phone message to call your "favorite" 1-800 number (xxx) 

  1. Cellophane on the toilet (below seat). Best in dark bathrooms.
  2. Vaseline on the toilet seat (slip 'n slide).
  3. Lock all stalls, then crawl out from under
  4. While bathroom in use, flip off light switch, stay in room
     without making a sound and stay near light switch (the rest
     should be obvious). 

  1. Make a "sponge" cake, with frosting and all (happened to ME on my
     birthday... grrrr)
brOOke shares: 

This April Fool's prank was pulled off by my grandfather when my dad
was a kid. It has been handed down through the generations ever
since...in lore only though. No one has had the guts yet to try it
again (or the expertise, for that matter). Let me start by noting
that my grandfather is a retired orthopaedic surgeon. 

Well, here it is in all of its classic simplicity... 

One fine April Fool's day (or probably the night before while he was
on call...) my grandfather took a large box of chocolates (the really
good kind, not those cheapies that taste like parafon). With a
scalpel he carefully cut the bottoms out of all of the chocolates in
the box. He then set the bottoms aside and proceeded to scoop the
insides out of each and every chocolate in the box. He then refilled
each chocolate with a large cotton ball and carefully grafted the
bottoms back on each chocolate and then innocently set the chocolates
out on a table where he knew that every kid in the house (there were
5) would try to sneak a chocolate without letting Mom or Dad catch

I'll leave the outcome up to your imagination and your aching teeth!
Stephen Fitch muses: 

I have a coworker that claims they used a syringe to fill oranges with
vodka and passed them out around the office on April Fools day. She
says that it was a really good day at work that day. 

I had an idea that I wanted to try. We use those digital pagers at my
job, where you can type in messages on your computer and they will
print out on people's pagers. I was thinking of sending a few messages
out, something like: 

"Warning this pager will self destruct in 30 seconds. 30... 29...
28... 27..." or
"ERROR-ERROR-ERROR. Pager Fault detected. Warning! Pager Detonation
Imminent! Please Discard Pager Immediately and Hurry to a Safe

Then a minute later send out a message saying: 

"BOOM!!! - - - April Fools!!! Gotcha! :)" 

I was curious to see how many people would toss their pagers and run. :)
Mark Peimann, who has way to much time on his hands, wrote: 

The best I have seen is when you take a large plastic trash bag and
water proof a file drawer and place the occupants of a fish aquarium
there. You now you have to have the air filter, rocks, plants,
thermostat, and off course a number of fish swimming around. 

Nick R. reminisces: 

Last year, I made sure that I got into work before my boss, then I
went to work. I replaced the picture of his children on his desk, with
a picture of the "Coneheads", and the picture of him and his wife,
with a picture of "Cornelius and Zera" from the Planet of the Apes.
Well, he was in work for about an hour before he noticed the changes
(guess he needs his coffee too), and when he did, he fell out
laughing. He left them like that for the rest of the day :) 

CrashMan wraps up with:
[I'll rewrite CrashMan's since it was a bit lengthy] 

He suggests the use of industrial size Shrink Wrap; the clear, clingy
material used to wrap pallets of material for shipping. It makes a
wonderful giftwrap for the automobile of a boss, coworker or loved
one. Be sure to apply generously, top to bottom, front to back; until
the vehicle is totally waterproofed. Then sit back, at a safe
distance, to enjoy the unwrapping of that special gift. 

CrashMan also suggests the use of large pieces of clear contact paper.
Spray graffiti on the outside, and later apply to a car. In the dark
it looks as if the vehicle has been vandalized. (He suggests to use
only at night. Sunlight can bond the paper to the car and pull off the
paint when removed.)
Urfand spurts: 

This is a variation of your "warm water in the squirt gun" joke. 

When I was in the Air Force, years ago, some of us would get a
little.. OK, a LOT drunk... and end up on our way to the "X" rated
movie house. On the way, we'd end up stopping off at a 7-11 and pick
up a couple squirt guns and some Jergen's lotion...
Yeah.. You can guess what we did with those lotion filled guns.... 
LMAO.. what fun it was!!!
VRat reminisces: 

My all time favorite AF gag is putting cherry Kool-Aid powder in the
shower head right before your roommate is to take a shower. When the
water is turned on, it looks like blood is pouring out of their body. 
It really freaks them out.
Jen, who spent much time on this assignment, suggests: 

A few good ways piss someone of at the office:
  1. take the little ball out from the bottom of their mouse.
  2. dye the water in the water cooler red with food-coloring 

A few good ways to get to someone at home: 
  1. put black paint around the earpiece on the phone.
  2. switch the sugar with the salt, and then offer them some coffee.
  3. tape yesterday's lotto drawing, buy them a ticket with those same
     numbers on it, and play the tape for them the next day to make
     them think they won.
  4. offer to get the mail for them, then open a letter and jump up
     and down saying, "YOU WON!! YOU WON THE 10 BILLION DOLLAR 

  5. have a friend call up and answer it in front of your spouse
     saying, "Oh! Hi, sugarlips! Thanks for the COFFEE last night!
     It was soo good!" 

A few ways to annoy the person in the next stall in the public
  1. fill a spray bottle with peanut butter, then spray some on a
     piece of toilet paper, drop it into the next stall and say,
     "Oops! Could you kick that back?"
  2. fill a spray bottle with mountain dew, spray all over the floor,
     and shout, "Woah! Downboy!"
  3. strain really loud, then drop a paperweight into the toilet and
     say, "..Aaaaaaahhh..."
  4. make loud farting noises 

A few ways to fool people on an elevator:
  1. bump into someone, then back away saying, "Bad touch! Bad touch!"
  2. make loud farting noises 

A few ways to annoy someone at school:
  1. put a sign on their back that says, "Point at me and laugh".
  2. replace their lunch with a bag full of dog-doodoo
  3. put a plastic ziplock bag of freshly-mowed grass in their
  4. switch the lock on their locker with yours.
Mike offers a few Web suggestions: 




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