This boy goes to school and his best friend notices he has a new watch.

His friend says, "Is it your birthday?" 

The boy replies "No."

"Did you steal it?" asks the friend.

Again, no is the boy's answer.

"Well why have you got a new watch then?"

Eventually the boy says, "Well I woke up the other night and I wanted a
drink of water so I got up and went into mom and dad's room. Dad was
jigging up and down on top of mom, and dad told me to leave the room.
Then later dad came to my room and said I mustn't tell anyone what I had
seen and that if I was a good boy and didn't tell anyone he'd buy me a
gift. So that's how I got this watch."

So his friend thinks about this and when he goes to bed that night he
waits till his mom and dad have gone to bed then he goes into their room
and he sees dad jigging up and down on top of mom. When he sees him his
dad says, "What do you want?" 

And the boy says "I want a watch."

The Dad replies "Well, shut the f*cking door and sit down then!"


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