Aviso Importante. A vida que ele salvará pode ser a sua ( Que pena!)
(antes que alguem reclame, esta mensagem e' uma piada)

Infelizmente este aviso tem que ser publicado em inglês porque a autoridade
policial que me deu a dica, Pascal Letrompeur, solicitou que não mudasse
uma letra siquer, 
imagino que é porque a música foi feita para esta letra. Este aviso foi
publicado originalmente na Revista Fatos & Faturas ( Cambridge, MA) e
posteriormente na Farthest 
Farts ( Harlem, NY) e na Annus Mirabilis (Rome, Italy)
Favor guardar a discreção que assuntos dessa natureza merecem por sua
propria natureza ( gigante pela propria natureza, és belo, és forte,
impávido colosso, lembram? 
então fiquem de pé e cantem)

Lá vai a controvertida matéria:
A warning message for those of you who drive
very important !!! Police warning.

One of the officers who works with the dare program has
passed along the following warning and asked that it be shared with all
This is an extremely serious matter.

If you are driving after dark and you see a car without
its headlights on...do not flash your lights !!!!!!!!!! Do not
blow your horn or make any signals to the driver of the other car....
There is a new common gang initiation "game" going on in
the streets.
The new member being initiated drives along without his
headlights on until someone notices and flashes their headlights or makes
some sort of other action to signal him. 

The gang member is now required to chase the car and shoot at or into the
car in order to complete his initiation requirements..

Make sure you share this information with your family,
friends and anyone else you can reach. 

If you have any questions or information please call
your local police department.

Please take this seriously, this is not a joke, please
pass this on to everyone you know on e-mail and in person. It could save
someone's life.

Please make the necessary adjustments if you live on water or in the
countryside. Other similar signs put out by the initiators are firebugs
with their lights off, 
fish swimming belly up, horses walking backwards, birds flying too low near
high voltage lines, bats smelling to alcohol, bikes on one wheel only, oxen
carts pulled 
by cows, elephants without a circus, submarines navigating like hover
crafts, and satellites out of their normal route. If you live in Times
Square, Manhattan, and 
you see a naked blond blinking too you, do not believe your eyes, please,
and do not look a second time: it is a virtual image transmitted as a decoy
by the headquarters 
of the Orphans and Orpheus Gang.

If you carry a powerful weapon and know how to shoot at moving targets,
shoot first and call the police later. Again, this is a very serious
warning. The life it
will save could be yours! What a shame!

For obvious reasons I cannot sign my real name and I sign the name of my
brother according to the law #623 of the Leviticus

Manoel Joaquim dos Zanzois Pereira

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