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Comment #3 on issue 55 by heuermh: ohloh.net stats broken by repository  
layout changes

Re-opening this issue as there may be a workaround:

 From http://www.ohloh.net/forums/3491/topics/1326

@asankha - I kinda dropped you in the deep-end - sorry about that. Here's  
some more
prescriptive steps that I believe should work (no guarantees though).

    1. Clone your synapse subversion trunk into Git - git-svn clone
http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/synapse/trunk/java synapse
    2. Find the SHA1 of the commit that resulted in the promotion of SYNAPSE  
into its
own tree.
    3. Git revert just prior to that commit.
    4. Now create a new Git commit containing the deletion of all files in  
this new
Git repo.
    5. Move this "historical GIT tree" up to a publicly accessible place  
    6. Enlist your ohloh project into this historical tree.

Wheh! This should, theoretically, solve the problem. YOu might run into  
along the way. Contact me via ohloh messaging (@jason) or
jabber([EMAIL PROTECTED]) if you run into any problem/questions.


I will contact Jason about this and see if he might be able to help  
straighten out
the code stats.

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