sprucely wrote:

> Has anyone looked into tools that automatically convert from Java to
> C#? I know not everything cleanly maps, but for the code that is
> equivalent it would greatly enhance the maintainability of the .Net
> version. One tool I'm aware of is Sharpen which is used to maintain
> both Java and .Net versions of db4o...
> http://developer.db4o.com/blogs/product_news/archive/2008/05/21/sharpen-your-java-app-now-java-to-c-converter-released-as-free-software.aspx

We are admittedly short C# maintainers, so anything that may help is a bonus.

>From my point of view, getting Piccolo2D.Net to build with mono would
be a great first step, as it would allow some of us Piccolo2D.Java
developers without access to Microsoft built tools to contribute.



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