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+#summary Piccolo2D BOF session at JavaOne 2009
+= Introduction =
+Stephen Chin and Michael Heuer presented Piccolo2D at a birds-of-a-feather  
(BOF) session at the !JavaOne 2009 conference on 06 June 2009.
+= Details =
+Piccolo2D is an open-source framework for writing zooming user interfaces  
(ZUIs) in the Java™ environment and .NET. It continues the tradition of the  
well-known Piccolo and Jazz frameworks from the University of Maryland,  
with the support of a large, active community.
+This session tried to answer the following questions:
+ * How can ZUIs be applied to rich Internet applications?
+ * What are the common paradigms for semantic zooming?
+ * How do you test ZUIs?
+ * What features should the next major version of Piccolo2D include?
+ * How do Piccolo2D and the JavaFX™ platform interact?
+ * What is the future relationship of Scenegraph and Piccolo2D?
+ * How can I get involved in the Piccolo2D project?
+ * How do I . . . . (stump the experts with your own Piccolo2D question)
+The session will be particularly valuable to Piccolo2D users and Java  
desktop technology developers.
+Download the presentation at [http://link].
+= Feedback from Attendees =
+SVG support should be a high priority.  One suggested implementation was a  
node that renders SVG content with varying levels of detail at different  
scales via sematic zooming.
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