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New issue 85 by heuermh: New user object selection model and event handler  
based on GlazedLists' EventList

In addition to the node selection model described in Issue:84, it would
also be useful to provide a selection event handler that delegates to a
_user object_ selection model and fires selection events.  The
implementation might be modeled as a Collection or Set of selected user  

implemented using the Swing ListSelectionModel, or implemented with
EventList provided by the GlazedLists project

The selection event handler would also require a two-way mapping between
user objects (model) and PNodes (view), something like this pair of  

interface ModelToView<M>
   PNode modelToView(M model);
interface ViewToModel<M>
   M viewToModel(PNode view);

The codebase may be hosted here in the Piccolo2D.Java project or at as an GlazedLists Extension project.

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