Hi. My name is Allain Lalonde and I have a programming problem. I like
to do it. A lot.

The kind of programming I like to do it test centric. I get squeamish
if the coverage by quality tests gets too low. Though I have been
known to wing it.

What I'm hoping to contribute toward:

- Unit Testing, in fact in the long term I'd basically like to be
given control of the tests, since it's something I'm pretty good at
- Generics Support (a biggie for me since other than mainframe and
mobile apps, I don't trust libraries that aren't at least 1.5... bad
- Clean up of the serialization code (including clone)
- Usability of the PStyledText stuff (It's a little hard to use, to
say the least).

I'm open to criticism, and will try not to step on anyone's toes. If
you don't like what I'm doing, safe to assume it's because I don't
know better, not malice.

I've basically been operating a 1 person shop and in that environment
Checkin is all about backing the code up, not much else. So, if you
need merging/branching, etc, I'm probably not the best person to be
helping out with that stuff.

Anyway, Piccolo is a great library, and I'll do whatever I can to make
it better. My dream would be to have a complete zoomable interface to
my computer... period. And I think contributing here is my best bet at
getting it the way I want it. Minority report anyone?

Can't wait to work with you all,

Allain Lalonde (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Piccolo2D Developers Group: http://groups.google.com/group/piccolo2d-dev?hl=en

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