Status: Accepted
Owner: allain.lalonde
Labels: Type-Enhancement Priority-Medium Effort-Low Toolkit-Piccolo2D.Java  
OpSys-All Component-Core Milestone-1.3

New issue 96 by allain.lalonde: More consistent handling of NonInvertible  
transforms in PCamera

PCamera has a number of methods that transform from the local coordinate
system to the view's by inverting the view transform and applying it to the

One of those methods catches a NoninvertibleTransformException and returns
null, but the others ignore the problem completely. Since I think this is a
valid case.

How should we be handling these cases:
1. Allowing the exception to bubble up
2. catching it and returning null to the localToView request

Personally I'd go with #1, but I'll wait to see what everyone else thinks.

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