Here's the definition:
    public PBounds(Point2D aCenterPoint, double insetX, double insetY)
        this(aCenterPoint.getX(), aCenterPoint.getY(), 0, 0);
        inset(insetX, insetY);

The only place it's called from from within the framework is:
    public PPickPath pick(double x, double y, double halo) {
        PBounds b = new PBounds(new Point2D.Double(x, y), -halo, -

What the hell is that?

If you pass it, what I consider pretty reasonable values of new PBounds
(new Point2D.Double(), 10, 10);

I'd expect to get a square with -10, -10 as its top left and a width/
height of 20, what you get instead is a square located at 10, 10 with
a width/height of -20.

Uh... maybe this should be written to guarantee a positive width,
height, which would remove the requirement to negate the insets every
time you want to use this constructor.

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