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Comment #2 on issue 77 by allain.lalonde: Piccolo doesn't seem to work with  
gcj java compiler

Let me start by saying that I too think having Piccolo run on gcj would  
rock. I can't  wait for the day when Piccolo runs
"out of box" on my Ubuntu system.

Unfortunately, after doing some research (see references below), the  
problem lies in gcj's current state. Only 93.12% of
java.awt is implemented and java.awt.font is only at 90.45%.

If we were to write Piccolo to account for those deficiencies, we'd end up  
implementing a good portion of what a complete
JDK already does.

So, unfortunately, we can't deal with this problem since it is outside the  
scope of this project.


     re. awt: "A lot of code exists, but not enough
     for use in real applications."

     Claims that java.awt is 93.12% implemented and
     java.awt.font is only 90.45% implemented.

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