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New issue 117 by heuermh: Text rendering in PText and JLabel via PSwing  
appear not to respect antialiasing rendering hints

Consider the attached screenshots which demonstrate JLabel, PText, and
JLabel via PSwing text rendering with different text antialiasing rendering
hints provided.  See,
in particular those values available in jdk 1.6+.

Neither PText nor JLabel via PSwing renders text the same as JLabel.  PText
always antialiases, poorly at that, and JLabel via PSwing does not appear
to respect any of the LCD_* values.

An interesting observation is that when JLabel renders directly to a
BufferedImage instead of to the screen, it renders text similar to that of
JLabel via PSwing.  See attached tarball of a web page.

I still need to add JTextComponent, PStyledText, PSWTText, direct Java2D
text rendering and the new PHtml/PHtmlView node to the benchmark.

        text-rendering-winxp.png  44.2 KB
        text-rendering-linux-gtk.png  33.0 KB
        result-winxp.tar.gz  9.1 KB

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