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Owner: allain.lalonde
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Toolkit-Piccolo2D.Java Component-Core Milestone-2.0 Usability

New issue 121 by allain.lalonde: Refactor PNode to break out some  

Piccolo2D's Monolithic design is great but when it comes to aspects of
PNode's implementation that don't relate to the scene, it seems like they
could be broken out in some way without complicating things too greatly.

One example is PNode's print method. It doesn't specifically relate to
rendering the scene and it strikes me as something that could broken out
into another class (maybe PNodePrinter).

Another example is toImage, it has so many overloads that it's becoming
ridiculous. Considering that rendering a Node is something that's already
handled by PCamera. I can't help but think that this logic is something
that should be handled outside of PNode.

I'm not suggesting any particular fix, just mentioning something that
should be discussed when we get started on v2.0.

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