Comment #6 on issue 61 by mttdgf: Investigate SVG support

Great work, very impressive, but I'm afraid I must vote against including  
svg support
in Piccolo:

1)  Loading SVG is only part of the standard, scripting integration is  
another big
part.  If the entire standard isn't implemented it will always be a partial
implementation; partially usable and misleading to those looking for an svg  

2)  It appears the implementation is essential a file loader.  I recall  
reading on
the site that file loaders/formats where not to be support and  
users are
required to roll their own.  I agree with this.  There are many graph  
oriented file
formats; GraphML is a popular one.

3)  There are already many great svg components out there (for Java, .Net  
not so
much) like Batik.  The Batik project has an SVGGraphics2d component that  
outputs SVG
from a normal Java component:

I would rather see this implemented and let users take their "SVG images"  
and load
them into Batik.

Apologies for the length.  That's my .02.

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