Comment #2 on issue 125 by akurtakov: Compilation failure in swt module  
under linux

That's because you're using swt:swt-win32:3.0m8 as a dependency in the pom.
Just try changing it to org.eclipse.swt.gtk.linux:x86:3.3.0-v3346 and  
you'll see the
difference. Note that locally I'm compiling with swt 3.5 which gives the  
same error.
 From the swt javadoc:
float   height
           The height of the font data in points (Warning: This field is  
dependent) IMPORTANT: This field is not part of the SWT public API.

Error log I'm seeing:
cannot find symbol
symbol  : constructor Font(java.lang.String,int,float)
location: class java.awt.Font
                 return new Font(fd[0].getName(), style, fd[0].height);

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