Hi every body !

I'm a piccolo fan for a few years. I have only coded a couple of
projects with this framework but it really rocks. I'm glad piccolo2D
is taking over !

I'm facing a little issue ... maybe a bug ? ... concerning PScrollPane
and the rendering quality during interaction.
If you move the canvas around by just clicking on it (regular
PPanEventHandler) then the rendering quality changes as the user is
interacting... the final "high quality" rendering is properly set when
the interaction stops.

This behaviour does not happen with the scroll pane when the user
interacts with the scroll bars... Can anyone point me in a direction
where I could solve this ?

If there are some modifications to be done to piccolo itself, I can
try to do it and post my work back... (if I manage to do it
properly ! :o)

Thanx in advance for your tips !

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