In doing some cleanup and doc work, I noticed this subtle problem that
shows up in several places:

    protected void paintCameraView(final PPaintContext paintContext) {
        // todo:  this method is implemented inconsistently with
regards to non-final methods
        //   a subclass might override getLayerCount and/or getLayer,
thus this method should either
        //    use layers.size() and layers.get(index) or
getLayerCount() and getLayer(index)
        final int count = getLayerCount();
        for (int i = 0; i < count; i++) {
            final PLayer each = (PLayer) layers.get(i);

for instance, a subclass of PCamera that duplicates a layer reference
for some reason

class MyCamera extends PCamera {
  final PLayer duplicate = ...;

  public int getLayerCount() {
    return super.getLayerCount() + 5;

  public PLayer getLayer(final int index) {
    if (index >= getLayerCount()) { throw new
IndexOutOfBoundsException("..."); }
    if (index >= super.getLayerCount()) { return duplicate; }
    return super.getLayer(index);

will have broken behavior in paintCameraView above and other methods.

I'll probably commit with the todo message later tonight.


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