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Milestone-1.3 Usability

New issue 144 by Updates for PSwing

When testing Piccolo r772 for compatibility with our projects, my
collaborators and I identified several issues with PSwing, pointed out in
issue #43.  In comment 22, allain.lalonde said "I have rolled back all
changes to the way PSwing paints and sizes itself."  However, we think this
misses several of the improvements.

We have been working on a branch of PSwing, based r390.  We incorporated
several of the changes that allain introduced, and have thoroughly tested
it in many situations over many months.  It's not perfect, but for our
projects it's much better than either r772 or the reverted version circa
r838.  This includes about 10 nontrivial commits since r390, and a diff
against trunk is difficult since the formatting has dramatically changed.
I've attached it here to see what you think about integrating this into
piccolo2d's trunk.  If possible, it would be nice to have these changes in
any 1.3 releases.

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