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Am 07.11.2009 um 18:24 schrieb Jan Kotek:

> I wrote PSVGNode, it renders SVG image into Piccolo canvas. Works
> pretty much as PImage.
> - I found Batik very heavyweight, so I used SVG Salamander, it have
> only 300kb dependecy
> - SVG Salamader already handles caching
> - support for resize, rotation, tranformations etc.
> - can be greatly extended via SVGUniverse
> More details and sources at  http://kotek.net/blog/piccolo_and_svg
> Please integrate this to PiccoloX jar. Feel free to use any licence  
> you need.

Thanks a lot for the code, have more choice which SVG lib to integrate  
is a great thing.

But I think adding an external dependency how small it may be is not  
an option. I think we should rather put together your example and the  
batik example from http://code.google.com/p/piccolo2d/wiki/SvgSupport  
and feature it in a prominent place - both the website and  

Even more so as such wrappers are usually a single class of moderate  
size and have no source dependency to the p2d core and vice versa.

I will vote to add such doc references in release 1.3.


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