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-This is the Piccolo README file
+This is the Piccolo2D.Java README file


-Welcome to Piccolo! Piccolo is a revolutionary way (in the Jazz ZUI
+Welcome to Piccolo2D! Piccolo2D is a revolutionary way (in the Jazz ZUI
  tradition) to create robust, full-featured graphical applications in
  Java, with striking features such as zooming and multiple representation.
-Piccolo is an extensive toolkit based on the Java2D API.
-To run Piccolo applications you need to install the Java 2 Runtime  
Environment (1.4),
-which can be downloaded from "";.
-Piccolo comes with four jar files that are located in the ./build  
-Note, if you downloaded the source release you will have to build these
-jars yourself, see the file build.xml for instruction. The jar files are;
-  ./build/piccolo.jar  - This jar contains the Piccolo 2d graphics  
-  ./build/piccolox.jar - This jar contains nonessential, but mabye usefull  
Piccolo framework code.
-  ./build/examples.jar - This jar contains simple examples of Piccolo  
-  ./build/tests.jar    - This jar contains unit tests for classes in the  
Piccolo framework.
-These jar files (excluding piccolo.jar which is a library) can all be run  
-double clicking with the mouse on the jar file or by running the command
-       java -jar <jar file name>
-More Piccolo documentation can be found in the ./doc directory of this  
-The Java 2 SDK is a development environment for building applications,
-applets, and components that can be deployed on implementations of the
-Java 2 Platform.
-* The standard 'unzip' utility on Solaris does not respect filename case,
-  and leaves files in MS-DOS file format.  If you use unzip on Solaris
-  (and possibly other Unix systems), you must specify the -U and -a  
-  i.e: unzip -U -a
+Piccolo2d.Java is an extensive toolkit based on the Java2D API.
+To run Piccolo2D.Java applications you need to have a Java Runtime
+Environment (JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK) version 1.4 or newer.
+To build Piccolo2D.Java you need to have a Java Runtime Environment
+(JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK) version 1.5 or newer, and Apache
+Maven version 2.0.10 or newer.
+Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
+Java Development Kit (JDK)
+Apache Maven
+For some platforms, including Mac OSX on x86_64, the Eclipse
+Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) version 3.3.0 or later must also
+be installed manually.
+Eclipse Standard Widget Toolkit
+for further details.
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+=Piccolo2D 1.3 Release Notes=
+Major changes:
+Piccolo2D.Java now builds with Apache Maven instead of Apache Ant.  See  
Issues 6, 28, 29, 38, 44, 51, 52, 98, 104, 108, 109, 126, 128.
+SWT support was refactored from extras into its own module and SWT  
examples were refactored from examples into their own module.  See Issues  
68, 125, 126, 143, 145.
+Many Checkstyle, PMD, and FindBugs errors and warnings have been fixed.
+Tool   Piccolo2D.Java 1.2.1    Piccolo2D.Java 1.3
+Checkstyle     1       0
+FindBugs       1       0
+PMD    1       0
+Unit test coverage has been increased from 0% (Piccolo2D.Java 1.2.1) to 0%  
(Piccolo2D.Java 1.3).
+All changes:
+[clirr reports]
+Fixed and verified issues:
+Issue  Summary
+2      Multiple project entries at
+6      Migrate ant build to maven2
+8      PSwing nodes prevent proper garbage collection
+9      PComboBox does not work when nested in a Panel
+10     PComboBox doesn't use Metal, Windows, and Motif look and feels
+13     PSwing components cause extraneous redraws
+14     PSwing components cause full page re-rendering on add/remove operations
+17     PCanvas looses keyboard events when a child PSwing node has focus
+20     Double-buffering not disabled on child PSwing components added after  
+21     Cannot turn off interacting at the PRoot level
+22     Name property for PNodes
+23     remove child on PNode fails with NPE
+25     Multiple PSwingCanvases can't be used together
+27     Animation quality change redraws the entire screen
+28     Add checkstyle configuration and reporting to maven build
+29     Configure checkstyle maven plug-in to enforce our source code  
+30     Extra mouse movement events fired on mouse exit
+31     PActivity activityFinished gets called multiple times
+32     PSwing mouse wheel support
+38     Relocate svn root from piccolo to piccolo2d
+41     Rephrase javadoc package comments
+42     Transfer the documentation from here.
+44     Rename piccolo subprojects and binaries to *2d
+46     PFrameTest unit test fails on linux
+47     Remove println to stdout/stderr in unit tests
+48     Eliminate dependency on sun.* classes in PFixedWidthStroke
+49     PFixedWidthStrokes are not fixed width on Mac OSX
+51     Unit tests should reside in the same package as the classes under test
+52     Compiler errors with jre 1.3 and 1.4
+55 stats broken by repository layout changes
+56     Infinite rendering loop caused by setOffset/Bounds/Scale in  
+59     Clarify copyright and license statements
+63     JSlider fails to render knob icon under Intel Macs in Java 1.5
+64     Add shadow nodes to extras
+66     Full print doesn't work
+67 doesn't work
+68     move SWT dependant classes to a new subproject (piccolo2d-swt)
+69     Add integration with Processing (
+70     Patch: Proper Shape and Text Support in the SWT Part
+71     PStyledTextEventHandler does not scale
+72     PSelectionEventHandler grip points do not scale with zoom
+73     Helloworld from relies on piccolox
+74     Memory leak with PSwingRepaintManager
+79     PSwingTest unit test failure on linux
+80     PCanvas button handling code doesn't dispatch multi-button presses.
+82     JComboBox visibility doesn't affect visiblity of PSwing node
+83     PSwing are fuzzy when scale!=1, due to buffering of the PSwing
+88     toImage doesn't return an image of the proper size
+89     Low Test Coverage of PNode
+90     Binary incompatible change from 1.2.1 in PInputEvent
+93     PCanvas needs accessors for render qualities
+94     PLayer should do nothing when removing a camera that isn't attached
+95     @deprecated broke the mvn build
+96     More consistent handling of NonInvertible transforms in PCamera
+97 and Should be moved
+98     Refactor edu.umd.cs.piccolo.pswingexamples and ...swtexamples to  
examples.pswing and examples.swt
+99     PNode.toString refactoring
+100    PInputEvent doesn't filter by modifier
+101    Eliminate printStackTrace
+104    Current maven multi-module build doesn't install the parent pom
+106    toImage array is too simple in its fill behaviour
+108    Set up hudson CI build
+109    examples module should create a runnable jar
+110    Syntactical code clean
+111    Piccolo is missing HTML support
+112    OSX: "Error: custom stroke not implemented"
+113    Invisible nodes are reported to be picked by InputEventHandler
+115    Discontinue .Net
+116    New round of clirr errors, as of r624
+123    PiccoloX uses Sun classes (sun.dc.path) that aren't in OpenJDK
+124    Add additional constructors to PSWTImage
+125    Compilation failure in swt module under linux
+127    Unit tests fail on linux with OpenJDK version IcedTea6 1.4.1
+128    Add osgi manifest to the builded jars
+129    Use umlgraph 5.1 in the build process
+131    PScrollPane does not use setInteracting() on the canvas
+132    Refactor SWT examples from examples module to new swt-examples module
+133    Javadoc in SWT package is completely unusable
+137    Calling toImage() on a composite node often returns an empty image.
+138    Unecessary memory usage when not double buffering PSWTCanvas
+142    P3DRectTest test failure on Mac OSX PPC
+143    SWTException: Failed to execute runnable (Invalid thread access) for  
PSWTCanvasTest on Mac OSX
+144    Updates for PSwing
+145    build broken (pom, swt)
+Developers and contributors:
+Ben Bederson
+Stephen Chin <sjc at>
+Aaron Clamage
+Lance Good
+Michael L Heuer
+Allain Lalonde <allain at>
+Chris Malley <cmalley at>
+Alexander Kurtakov <akurtakov at>
+Marcus Rohrmoser
+Sam Reid
  =Piccolo2D 1.2.1 Release Notes=

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