Samuel Robert Reid wrote:

> My team and I write piccolo applications that need to support many
> languages, and the default fonts specified in PText and PHTMLView often
> need to be replaced (or glyphs can appear as empty boxes). We are
> currently overriding these fonts on a case-by-case basis, but I wanted
> to discuss the possibility of being able to specify these globally, such
> as Swing does in UIManager.

I think there's good reason to keep the default fonts static and final
in core (PText and PHTMLView) since calling out to Swing doesn't
always make sense (e.g. a client may be using POffscreenCanvas).

Perhaps you could create a factory for PText and PHTMLView nodes that
sets the font to the font UI resource provided by the Swing Look and
Feel mechanism?  Or maybe those factory methods should exist on


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