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New issue 150 by samrreid: Prepare SwingLayoutNode for distribution

My colleagues and I also saw a need for a Swing-like layout solution for
Piccolo2D, so we wrote an adapter that actually uses a swing layout manager
to arrange Piccolo nodes.  I've attached the entire implementation and
example usage in  Let's discuss whether this should
be included in the upcoming Piccolo 1.3 release.

Sample using Swing's FlowLayout:
         SwingLayoutNode flowLayoutNode = new SwingLayoutNode( new
FlowLayout() );
         flowLayoutNode.addChild( new PText( "1+1" ) );
         flowLayoutNode.addChild( new PText( "2+2" ) );

Sample using Swing's BorderLayout:
         BorderLayout borderLayout = new BorderLayout();
         borderLayout.setHgap( 10 );
         borderLayout.setVgap( 5 );
         SwingLayoutNode borderLayoutNode = new SwingLayoutNode(  
borderLayout );
         borderLayoutNode.addChild( new PText( "North" ), BorderLayout.NORTH  
         borderLayoutNode.setAnchor( Anchor.CENTER );
         borderLayoutNode.addChild( new PText( "South" ), BorderLayout.SOUTH  
         borderLayoutNode.setAnchor( Anchor.WEST );
         borderLayoutNode.addChild( new PText( "East" ), BorderLayout.EAST );
         borderLayoutNode.addChild( new PText( "West" ), BorderLayout.WEST );
         borderLayoutNode.addChild( new PText( "CENTER" ),
BorderLayout.CENTER );

I'm also attaching a screenshot of the sample main() for your convenience.

Sam Reid

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